For three days, Karen only logged directly into Firearm Gale Online to love her brief avatar

For three days, Karen only logged directly into Firearm Gale Online to love her brief avatar

Team Jam [ ]

But in the course of time, LLENN e positively. Thus, she done the new game’s class and you may first started query creatures. Immediately following she saved up adequate credit out of destroying monsters, she made a decision to buy submachine firearm and you will spend rest of the girl currency buying some new gowns. Given that LLENN wanted to don girlish attire, she checked around for adorable clothing, but may maybe not see people. Rather, she discovered the possibility to switch colour from the woman gadgets and chose to top totally inside green and also chose to painting her guns in the pink also.

Due to the fact Pitohui by herself cannot engage, she told LLENN in the a buddy from hers that she you’ll synergy that have and you will informed her to decide even in the event she would take part before subscription due date

1 day, when you’re waiting around for a monster so you’re able to bring about the lady trap, LLENN pointed out that three males was in fact walking to the the lady. Because was typical to possess members which fulfill in the field so you’re able to assault one another unless of course they were associates, LLENN worriedly believed her action to take. Once the men showed up closer, LLENN realized that they was unacquainted with the girl visibility.

As soon as the males were merely ten yards of LLENN, brand new monster you to LLENN was browse triggered the woman pitfall and you can caused an explosion. The fresh new boys, startled by the rush, began to worry and LLENN utilized the possibility to attack him or her. To help you this lady shock, she murdered this new males with out them seeing the girl. She soon realized you to their pink products easily blended in which have the environmental surroundings, describing as to why none of your own boys observed the girl.

From then on, LLENN turned addicted to new adventure from ambushing people, for this reason, even when she went on so you’re able to have a look creatures, when the she noticed some users going to the the lady, she’d ambush them instead. Sooner or later, LLENN found that certain members have been frustrated by the woman ambushes and you may got going building a beneficial subjugation team to identify this lady. Impact bad, LLENN stopped ambushing people and you may chose to simply see beasts.

Soon later on, LLENN try approached from the a lady member entitled Pitohui. Seeing that Pitohui try a lady, LLENN wanted to getting handled to a few beverage. Once a conversation over tea and you may cake, LLENN told Pitohui regarding looking for a different sort of live-ammunition weapon to shop for, thus Pitohui added their so you can an excellent store she know. Indeed there, Pitohui needed a good P90 and LLENN, surprised by the the construction, decided to purchase it despite they being high priced.

Later, LLENN and you may Pitohui formed a great squadron including only the several of these. As soon as the a couple of was basically each other on the internet, it ran browse giants with her. On a single instance affair to your competition, titled Group Jam, that might be stored in a few days. Just after Pitohui informed me the background to your contest and you will told LLENN concerning registration deadline, she expected LLENN to participate in they.

Back into actuality, Karen deliberated on the if she will be be involved in the new competition and you may whether she is always to continue to tackle the online game or otherwise not. Due to the fact she could not decide on a course of action, Karen requested the girl buddy Miyu having information. Considering that Karen perform feel dissapointed about any solutions she produced, Miyu informed the woman to choose via a coin put. Miyu upcoming reminded Karen about Kanzaki Elsa’s show that could be kept for a passing fancy big date since competition and informed her you to definitely the girl likelihood of getting tickets for it were 50-50, ergo Karen made a decision to explore you to definitely so you’re able to ent or perhaps not.

On the , just like the Miyu was incapable of have the seats, Karen messaged Pitohui one she would getting doing this new tournament. Three days afterwards, Karen signed on the Firearm Gale Online to get to know which have Pitohui and the woman friend. Since Pitohui’s buddy try later, they discussed the guidelines on the contest and you may, once they was basically over, Pitohui revealed that LLENN was going to function as the leader of its team in order to LLENN’s shock.